Exhibitions and Works

2022     SMALL INTERIORS, Gallery ARTACASA, Amsterdam, Netherlands
, Madmarvila, Lisboa, Portugal
2021     CABINET DES CURIOSITÉS & other treasures
, WETANI, Lisboa, Portugal
, Gallery Casa 70 Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
, Gallery ARTACASA, Amsterdam, Netherlands
, Gallery Casa dell‘Arte, Lisboa, Portugal
, temporäre Galerie Judith Berger, Berlin, Germany
TIME TRAVELING, Galerie ARTACASA, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2018     Ausgesuchtes aus der Angewandten Kunst, Galerie, Castrop Rauxel, Germany
SCHŌNHEIT IM VERBORGENEN, with Petra Gippert-Toerker, Die Goldschmiede, Bochum, Germany
2018     works in, Galerie ARTACASA, Amsterdam, Netherlands  
2017     Light life - still love
, Cathy Pyle, Guildford, England
2017     Faceless Portraits
, Galerie, Castrop Rauxel, Germany
2016     Competição Montras in Lisboa for Wetani
, Portugal
2016     8. Concurso Associação Portuguesa da Industria de Ourivesaria
, Portugal
2016     Portojoia
, Porto, Portugal
2016     AMOR AZUL
, edition of poetry with Namban, Lisboa, Portugal
2016     CoolArtes, Casal da Bela Vista, Colares, Portugal
2016     Was blüht denn da?
Die Goldschmiede, Bochum, Germany, with Petra Gippert Toerker (jewellery)
2016     Memorias D´Amor
, Galerie, Castrop Rauxel, Germany
2015     Portojoia
, Porto, Portugal
7. Concurso Associação Portuguesa da Industria de Ourivesaria, "LUZ", Portugal
2015     ArteAlgarve Open XIII
, Lagoa, Portugal
2015     Cornell Challenge
, Royal Academy of Arts, London, England
2015     Almas e Reliquias
, Galeria Monumental, Lisboa, Portugal
2015     Paper Works
, Galeria Belo-Galsterer, Lisboa, Portugal
Price of Honour for the ring "moment", Associaçao Portuguesa da Industria de Ourivesaria 2014 "Mar", Portugal
Portojoia, Porto, Portugal
2014     Folie à deux, Galerie, Castrop, Germany
2014     Concurso Associaçao Portuguesa da Industria de Ourivesaria 2014 "Mar", Portugal
2014     layers of times, Galerie Aquamarin, Berlin, Germany
2014     26 Portas - 26 Vidas
, Museu Hospital Bombarda, Lisboa, Portugal
2014     Competition POPs
, Fundação Serralves, Porto, Portugal
2014     Concurso de Sardinhas
, EGEAC, Lisboa, Portugal
2013     Sombras e Silhuetas
, Galeria Bozart, Lisboa, Portugal
Millenium Gallery, Concurso de Sardinhas, Lisboa, Portugal
2013     Latas
, Festas de Lisboa, Cinema S
ão Jorge, Portugal
2013     Vogelfrei
, Institute Fran
çaise Lisboa, Portugal
2013     Concurso de Sardinhas
, EGEAC Lisboa, Portugal

2012     H
á que ter lata
- Man muss sich nur trauen, Museu do Trabalho, Setubal, Portugal
2012     Tra
, Galeria Bozart, Lisboa, Portugal
Netzwerke, Galerie Bauscher, Potsdam, Germany
 Stories for the book "Ein Stück von meinem Weg", published by epubli
 Galerie, Castrop, Germany with Peter Witucki (objects)
2010     Herbst
, with Petra Gippert-Toerker (jewellery), Die Goldschmiede, Bochum, Germany
2010     Kunsttage Winningen
, Galerie im Kelterhaus, Germany
2010     Ring
, Galerie Aquamarin, Berlin, Germany
2009     Kunsttage Thedinghausen, Germany
2009     CHInatürliCHINA
, Galerie, Castrop, Germany with Niannian Zhou (Sasha Waltz Dance Company, Berlin)
2008     Perlhuhn und Stadtfuchs, with Petra Gippert-Toerker, Die Goldschmiede, Bochum, Germany
2008     Libelle
, Galerie Aquamarin, Berlin, Germany
2007     Identity, group show, Pand Paulus, Sciedam, Netherlands
2007     Broken China
, Fei Gallery, Guangzhou, China performance with Yunna Long (modern dance)
Artist in Residence, Uthaloy International School
2006     Art interior for Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Guangzhou, China
2006     Art interior for IBM, Guangzhou branch, China
2006     Walking Gallery - T-shirt edition
2006     Tian Yuan - Di Fang (Heavenly Round - Earthly Square) Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
Pen Pal Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China
2005     Mondtor with Petra Gippert-Toerker, Die Goldschmiede, Bochum, Germany
2005     Back to Balance, Pen Pal Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China
2004     Mei Da Mei Xiao, QJ Studios, Panyu, Guangzhou, China
2004     Poems and Paintings, Seghal Farm, New Dehli, India
2004     Collection of poems: 40 poems from the heart
2003     Indialog
with Petra Gippert-Toerker, Die Goldschmiede, Bochum, Germany
2003     Water, Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, New Dehli, India
2003     Visual Art Gallery, Habitat Centre, New Dehli, India
2003     Indialogue with Petra Gippert-Toerker (jewellery), Seghal Farm, New Dehli, India
2002     Work on the showroom of Rohit Bal (fashion designer) with Jivi Sethi, 1 M.G. Road, New Dehli, India
2002     Gallery Art Alive, New Dehli, India
2002     Wind, Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, New Dehli, India
 "Art sale for Gujarat", New Dehli, Bangalore, India
"Arts and Crafts", Women International Club, New Dehli, India
2001     run and rest
, Gallery Art Indus, New Dehli, India
walk Gallery, Hyatt Regency, New Dehli, India
2000     Galerie "Take away Art", Darmstadt, Germany
2000     Form und Farbe, with Astrid Gerhartz (porcelain), Haus der Geschichte, Kerpen, Germany
2000     Galerie Kunsthof, Bonn, Germany
1999     Lichtspiel with Petra Gippert-Toerker (jewellery), Die Goldschmiede, Bochum, Germany
1999     Cover design for German EU - Presidency Publications of the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs
1999     Pausenzeichen, Galerie im Kelterhaus, Winningen a. d. Mosel, Germany
1999     Stühle, Galerie due, Bochum, Germany
1999     Bibliophil, Galerie Kunsthof, Bonn, Germany
1998     Altri oggetti, Galerie Kunsthof, Bonn, Germany
1997     Illustrations for a children's book "I giocchi di Roma"
1997     L'anima degli oggetti, Galeria Carlo Sestieri, Rome, Italy
1996     In Viaggio, Galeria Sabine de Haen, Rome, Italy
1992     Stone sculpture, Wanderpreis for the Securitas Versicherung, Duesseldorf, Germany
1990     Stone sculpture of St. Urban for the St. Lambertus Church, Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
1989     Galerie am Wall, Bremen, Germany
1987     Symposium Kunst, Universitaetsbibliothek Dortmund, Germany